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The acquisition of knowledge, skill, experience, and/or trade via sexual intercourse, of any kind, with another.
Instead of going to law school, I plan on getting my law degree through fuckmosis by screwing my attorney. A few shots of tequila is cheaper than 3 years of tuition.

Bob: After banging my doctor, do you think fuckmosis certifies me to do brain surgery?

Todd: Fuck yes!

Tiffany: Are you certified to do my taxes?
Ashley: Yes... one whole week of screwing my CPA makes more qualified than anyone else with a degree.
by Black's Law February 10, 2011
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The portmanteau of fucked and osmosis. A state in which a person ends up in a fucked position, inadvertently or indirectly due to no overtly, stupid, direct action of their own. As fluid can pass through membrane so does the fuck factor to a second, unseen level besides the original intended of said fuckery.
So I let Ralph borrow my car, he forgets to lock it and left the keys on the seat. Someone steals my car. Ralph has no insurance. Yup, welcome to fuckmosis.
by jagerhall June 05, 2019
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