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To do something greatly; In A fast Past or Speed

To Act In A Manner of "Escape"
1. Bro I was running from the cops and commited some extreme acts of fuckerism; I was jumping fences and Doing In Mid Air Figure 8's over Mail Boxes.....

2. I was soooo Late for work I had to do some fuckerism and run a couple of red lights and stop signs; no biggy...
by BigDank November 24, 2010
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A form of religion all people around the world have converted to or will be converting to quite soon throughout their adolescent life without perhaps even knowing it or giving a shit. Fuckerism involves stupid despised men doing absolutely obnoxious things and shit that everyone finds extremely idiotic and stupid and hilarious and hardcore all at the same time, giving everyone an epic mind fuck which is joy and satisfaction in a mental form rather than physical.
"Did you hear? The english exams average is 22%"

"Complete fuckerism right their"
by PACKMYSUITCASE November 30, 2010
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The religion, culture, and mindset describing the forces of dishonor. Thier powers derive from their excessively lame, stupid, or distasteful nature. Worship is given to the ultimate god Antigary, as long as the lesser gods and several legendary warriors:

Saddam Hussain God of Suffering
EA God of Terror
Hitler God of Destruction
Martha Stewart God of Anguish
Christopher Reeve God of Greed
RIAA President God of Censorship
David Trombley God of Waste
Wolly Wollette God of Labor
George W. Bush God of Idiocy
Jar Jar Binks Legendary Warrior
Jared from Subway Legendary Warrior
Bill O'Reilly Legendary Warrior

The followers of Fuckerism are constantly at war with the followers of Tigerism over the fate of this world.
"The forces of Fuckerism must be destroyed."
by Tehkeelah April 01, 2005
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