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To fuck somebody to death is to give them the biggest orgasam they have ever had in their lives
Did you hear laura got fucked to death last night?
by Sexis October 21, 2016
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To get bad news, to hear someone you don't like get good news. Or to get good news.
" Bob hit the lottery today". "Well fuck me to death"
by VF-24-Tomcat October 20, 2007
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A very tragic word that refers to dieing of death
bus driver: im gonna drive off to brazil
That one girl: dies of fucking death
by Thedierofdeather December 24, 2021
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An overly offensive exclamation of disdain and distress in situations where catastrophic consequences are immenent.
I just have to tighten the pipe on this sink one more.......Awwww fuck a nigger to death! Turn off the water!
by DR RELEVANT February 2, 2020
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When you don't have a plan, but want to sound like you have one. Something Mr.Garrison says in South Park.
Person: Mr.Garrison, how are you going to solve the immigration problem.

Mr.Garrison: Well, we'll fuck them all to death.
by Anonymous reality November 1, 2016
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