Thug life moment usually said after something you can't do
"I can't tie my shoes but I can fuck your bitch"
by Holdmymuffin January 5, 2015
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im am having sex with your girlfriend right now and she is moaning
girlfriend: ahhh ahhh ahhh
im fucking your bitch
by ASDFGHJHGFDSXCVGH February 8, 2018
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What your (guy) friend says when he has sex with the girl your currently dating/having sex with.
guy 1: Yo, bro what did you do last night?

guy 2: I fucked your bitch!

guy 1: Yeah right! You wouldn't dare you pussy!!!
by diss-BTS-and-ARMY-willdragyou! January 22, 2018
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In Ricegums words, " I'm fucking on your bitch now, on your bitch now. " In It's Everynight Sis. ( PLUGGGG ) Meaning I have your bitch and you're a piece of SHIT!
Ricegum: "I'm fucking on your bitch now, on your bitch now."`
by August 1, 2017
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