Australian term mainly used to disagree. Different tones can denote different meanings to the term i.e... Angry tone- "Fuck off Cunt" translates to- Please remove yourself from my direct area and deafen me with your silence before confrontation escalates.....
Subtle or even happy voice, Example... Someone tells an untruthful story, the response "haha Fuck off Cunt" Translates to- I find your factless story somewhat humorous although I know its untrue, But I hold you in such high regard I give you the honour of referring to you as Cunt. In Australia, when you call someone a cunt they're your mate...Call someone mate they're a cunt.
Out late at Pub and blind. Someone starts talking shit to your Mrs and goes to far, refuses to go away amicably so harsher directions required (angry voice) "FUCK OFF CUNT"

Young bloke says "hooked up with a 10/10 on tinder last night, and she keeps msging wanting more(subtle/ happy voice)"Haha fuck off cunt"..
by Draw Enak June 30, 2018
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An Australian term used to emphasise how you question one's statement. However, depending on one's tone and context, it may denote other meanings.
Angry confrontation with police officer;
Officer: "Um sir you were doing 50 in a 40 zone"
Wayno: "FUCK OFF CUNT as if"

Social gathering with friends and acquaintances:
Jono: "....then I fucked Julians mum"
Stevo: "hahaha fuck off cunt as if"
by VVhorez October 16, 2020
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When someone is being bothered by a certain someone and is starting to get really pissed off and wants them to just go away or shut up.
Michal: "It is a verb then"
Patryczku: "Michalku, just Fuck Off You Cunt"
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An ancient australian proverb :
What it lacks in sophistication and depth, it makes up for wholeheartedly with a delightful clarity.
Nurse : "Here are some pharmaceutical psychotropic drugs for your toddler."
Anyone with an IQ above room temperature : "Fuck off you cunt !"
by Labiosexon February 3, 2020
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