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An Australian term used to emphasise how you question one's statement. However, depending on one's tone and context, it may denote other meanings.
Angry confrontation with police officer;
Officer: "Um sir you were doing 50 in a 40 zone"
Wayno: "FUCK OFF CUNT as if"

Social gathering with friends and acquaintances:
Jono: "....then I fucked Julians mum"
Stevo: "hahaha fuck off cunt as if"
by VVhorez October 16, 2020
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Term used to gain the attention of a mate.
Eshay lad1 : Oi cuz wanna smack down some cones?
Eshay lad 2: Yeh cuz u got phat chrons?
50/yr old man: Fuck off you gay eshay cunts

Eshay lad 1 and 2: runs away in fear*
by VVhorez October 16, 2020
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