A fucking bitch pussy is when playing the card game, UNO, this specific person calls UNO. BUT, it doesn't end there. This person's last card is a wild card, allowing them to finish on any color or number. Ending on a wild card is a fucking bitch pussy move. Don't be a fucking bitch pussy
Player 1: UNO!
Player 2: You better not be playing like a fucking bitch pussy
Player 3: Lil' Bitch.
by Not-Trump October 5, 2018
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a professional jointer that goes to desperate housewives and fucks a cat to make cat happy coz its sad
fuck my cat, fuck my pussy

pussy= cat
by 5t6ht5hffthfh April 1, 2010
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Wanting the urge to get fucked really hard and cant walk for a month
OOO He’s about to fuck my pussy with a rake mom
by Lmoralesa November 10, 2017
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Someone that is weak. Someone that has to hang around in groups to think there tough. Scared to try some new shit.
That fucking pussy could never beat my ass without a group of people. To scared to step up to someone alone. Scared to try something new.
by Ray1977 October 3, 2013
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