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Noun <fuhk ber-ee> - A pair of black and blue berries.
Location- Naturally growing in cafeterias of schools or institutions, but usually only appears for small groups of people discussing their hate for 'lesser beings'
Adjective <fuhk ber-ee> - 1. Used to describe people that can not do anything they are told at all especially when the task is easier than any other task that could be issued in the history of the world.

2. Used to describe someone who you do not respect at all.

3. Used to describe someone that is a complete waste of life. (Completely a waste of life, not just some one that is a little silly, stupid, or disliked)
Verb <fuhk ber-ee> - To make some one's life a living hell.
If used as a noun -correctly- in a sentence it would appear as: " Look at these fuck berries, I found them in the corner of the cafeteria."
If used as a adjective correctly in a sentence it would appear as: 1. " Steve! How could you be a complete fuck berry?! I asked you to stack the trays and you could not even do that!"

2. " Remember my ex the fuck berry?"

3. " Jeff is such a fuck berry. He does nothing with his life, but sit around all day and mooch off of everyone. He hasn't even given back to the community."
If used as a verb correctly in a sentence it would appear as: " I'm going to make the guy's life a complete fuck berry."
by Archbishop Funkmaster Duggan August 18, 2013
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Interjection. Commonly used when something bad is about to happen or someone has to do a humiliating task.
- Dude, it's your turn to scrub the toilets!

-Awwww, Fuckberries
by POOPY MAN September 08, 2003
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A saying that you would say if you were in some bad situation. Like saying "Oh crap, I'm gunna get killed"

Used in Red Vs Blue By tucker when he was about to die, or some sort of trouble
Tucker: "Oh fuck berries.."

"Oh Fuck berries, I'm gunna get capped"
by Era March 27, 2005
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Singular of fuckberries, meaning: exclamation intended to be slightly funnier and less obscene than using harsher words like cunt which women have a stronger aversion to.

"Your girlfriend just walked in. Must be time for you to finish your last beer and get the fuck outta here."

by Jonathan Nolan July 12, 2006
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A mortal drink invented in panama city by some kids from the CIR prom 09, classical on dead-drunk parties.
it consists of 2/3 of a Seco Herrerano bottle (Rum rum distilled from sugar cane syrup. 40% alcohol by volume), one cup aprox, of cranberry juice and a squirt of grenadine.
The color should be a deep red and it should be mixed by shaking it inside the cranberry bottle so its kinda foamy.
It was originally used as a finishing drink.
-"Hey Cristian, wtf is this thing??"
by izzie v September 21, 2008
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Rated PG for Parental Guidance, the adeptly named Fuckberrys is one of the many variants of the ever popular, ubiquitous Fuck word. An ancient nerd word first used by people in 2010. Basically means 'Oh dear' instead of 'Aw fuck'ssake!'
Mr Neep : *Watches a girlfriend who found out her boyfriend was cheating on her throw his signed edition of Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 out of a 10 story building*

Mr Neep : Aw Fuckberrys, dude.
by YeModestMustache March 08, 2011
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