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A game played in industrial workplaces where objects are thrown at other males genitals. The goal is to get the other male to yell "Fuck". You throw somethings at someone's "area", if they yell "Fuck", you get a point. If they do not yell, they get the point. If you drop someone to the ground, you win the day instantly. Scores are reset everyday.
Fuck Ball may be the worst game ever created.
by Knelson2033 July 12, 2016
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An "interesting" and unusual insult to someone you really hate.
"Fuck you, fuckball." Ray Barboni / Ray Bones (Dennis Farina) in Get Shorty (1995)
by solid_119 June 13, 2006
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A phrase usually uttered under one's breath when they really don't feel like doing something or things didn't go as planned.
1. "Fuck balls I gotta go to a stupid ass wedding next weekend."

2. "I can't believe it's monday already. fuck balls!"
by HUAH July 04, 2009
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the word that is screamed out when in excruciating pain in awkward circumstances.
working in a grocery store, I open a till only to realize that I dropped something. I go to pick it up, smoke my head off the till and "fuckballs!" as a customer waits for me to serve them :)
by consuella the mexican April 11, 2011
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