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3 definitions by Robert88

1. The act of being from southern Illinois. However most Chicagoans think southern illinois is springfield, but in reality it is from I-64 to mile marker 1 (cairo). It is roughly the last 100 miles of Illinios. It is where all the real OG's come from Illoinios.

2. Used to describe a person from so ill that is real, cool, gudda, etc.
1. "are we going to so ill this weekend?"

2. Frank: " Man, did you see that cat do that?"
Sceezo: "Yeah, that dude is so ill."
by Robert88 October 14, 2007
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A Fuck Ball IS: refers to the sexual position in which a female(s) is lying on her back while grabbing the back of her legs and pulling them as close to her head as possible, resembling a ball. This position is preferred during anal penetration, but also works while double dipping.
Mike: "dude, why did you leave the party so early last night?"
Bob: "Because ever since i rolled Sean's mom up into a fuck ball and took her to pound town she keeps callin me back for more."
by Robert88 October 14, 2007
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A Frat Daddy may be interpreted as any member of a fraternity. However, A Frat Daddy is usually and should be interpreted as the highly regarded member in the frat who takes more Sorostitutes to pound town than any other frat member. A Frat Daddy should also take the responsibility of getting the kegs for any and every party, along with letting all the GDI's know that they are pussy-ass-bitches.
Most Frat Daddy's are members of Kappa Psi or Sigma Phi Epsilon
Drunk Sorostitute: Any of you guys want to roll me up into a fuck ball and take me to poundtown?

Frat Member: Yeah, I'll be your Frat Daddy for an hour.
by Robert88 October 14, 2007
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