Fucboi; noun.

The word Fucboi is commonly used to describe someone whom greatly believes in themselves, to be of a higher social standing, have a better appearance and to be able to obtain any boy/girl in a relationship.
Shaquan: Did you hear about Alex, he has been with every person on this campus.

Tyrese: Omg, I know, right! He's such a fucboi
by Coffee is essential October 25, 2015
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A faggot that thinks he's a player but he's not he's just a fat low life that think he's the shit, no real friends and is a weeaboo deep inside but trys to be cool
That some weird fucboi shit
by The Great Lulu February 13, 2016
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A dog who will give you a limited amount of love but just enough so that he gets exactly what he wants (e.g., belly rubs, a nibble of your food, access to your bed). He will appear to know your boundaries (eg lays at your door bc he knows you’re allergic to him) but the minute you turn your back; he’s in your room shredding papers towels from your garbage can. If you rub his belly, he will place his paw on your hand - you think it’s affection but it’s really so you don’t stop. If you show him too much love, he knows he can get away with anything and will leave you the minute you stop rubbing him. Play hard to get, or this doggo will only use you and then leave you immediately after.

TLDR: has an innocent face, looks harmless, but knows exactly how to get exactly what he wants. Beware of dog!
Today Finn was laying hallway and lifted his paw. I spent the next 30 mins minutes rubbing his belly. Where did my time go. What a little fucboi (dog version).
by Dog Auntie May 27, 2021
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