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Fucboi; noun.

The word Fucboi is commonly used to describe someone whom greatly believes in themselves, to be of a higher social standing, have a better appearance and to be able to obtain any boy/girl in a relationship.
Shaquan: Did you hear about Alex, he has been with every person on this campus.

Tyrese: Omg, I know, right! He's such a fucboi
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by Coffee is essential December 21, 2015
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A belittled, scrawny, weaker person that is a lesser man/woman than you. Annoying or ignorant person.
"Samantha is a fuc boi."
"Swayde is the biggest fuc boi I know."
"Jimmy, write being such a fuc boi!"
by Branden the creator January 21, 2015
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A faggot that thinks he's a player but he's not he's just a fat low life that think he's the shit, no real friends and is a weeaboo deep inside but trys to be cool
That some weird fucboi shit
by The Great Lulu September 17, 2016
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