fuad is actually one of the sexiest niggas in the WORLD man. He'd look hot as shit in waves and stuff and he's hella good with girls too. My nigga is the man
by getboppedkid April 26, 2019
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Fuad is such a sexy nigga, he can rock anything and everyone will be stunned every time, look at my nigga Fuad man. Such a sexy ass nigga. Fuad is the guy you wanna be friends with as he stands out in the crowd cause he's so sexy. Damn look at my nigga Fuad, he'll definitely win the sexiest guy in the world award.
Look at Fuad man, look at the way he dripping on folk nigga, that nigga is a one-of-a-kind sexy ass nigga.
by GetEmOnTheDeadLocs December 15, 2021
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Fuading is a phrase which means copying others. It could be a style of writing or a style of talking or personalities. Fuading literally means copying people without having your own personality traits. Basically its like pressing Ctrl C + Ctrl V but for personalities.
"Sarah doesn't have any originality, she is always fuading others to act cool"

"Why are you fuading John's pickup lines"
by RaY5 December 9, 2021
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1) FUAD= a brave warrior a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness

2) or - to show FUAD in arabic translation is to display extreme love or passion for something

3) in the hip hop freesyle battle FUAD is an acronym which kills rappers if dropped at the right time

F: free

U: ultimate
A: accidental

D: disease

examples below
examples of how to use the word Fuad

1) during the battles againts the persians jago showed great FUAD as he lead the charge towards the enemies

2) little bashir was wondering if he had the FUAD to do what was expected of him...he strapped the chest on and had the detonator ready...

3) while i was Fu**ing your mother i wondered if she had..

vomiting and foaming from the mouth ..she had FUAD
by FUMAN24 April 1, 2010
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Acronym for "Fucked Up And Die", as in "let's get FUAD". Most commonly know from the Motion City Soundtrack song, LG FUAD.
by OMG, IT's BIG FOOT! September 6, 2006
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Another word for 'balls'
Dude, that chick just totally kicked me in the fuads
by Nirvana34~ April 8, 2011
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Q. Did you sex?
A. Yeah, FUAD, man. We had to change the sheets.
by aBrotherAmongBrothers December 6, 2019
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