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When a school lunch table buddy buys a basket of fries. Every guy (or gal) within reach of said buddy gets one (1) fry, if and only if they say "Fry tax".

If buddy complains about said taxation, whomever he protested to receives one (1) more fry. Continue taxing until buddy stops complaining.


I) If a girl buys fries, leave her alone, she's a girl.

II) If it's Friday, or you're just feeling like a jerk, you may state, "Raised taxes!" and may take two or three fries. Anymore than this is just rude.
*Mark sits at table with fresh basket of warm, golden school lunch fries*
Mike & Alex: "Fry tax!"
-Mike & Alex reach and take a fry.
Mark: "What!? NO! Stop!"
Mike & Alex: "Complaint tax!"
-Mike & Alex reach and take another fry.
Mark: "Fine fine fine..."
by Wiser December 17, 2006
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A strange fast food phenomena where women in your life have the automatic, compulsive need to reach over and swipe some of your french fries before you eat; whether she has her own order of fries or not.
Joe Blow: Hey QUIT IT!! Jack, your GF just took like a handful of both our fries before we've even had the chance to sit down!! Isn't she having a SALAD??

Jack Schmo: Duuuude don't argue with it. It's The Fry Tax.
by JimmyDevious January 21, 2013
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when buying fast food for a friend that has no money, it's the the process of taxing your friend by taking a small percentage of their fries as a payment
Russell fry taxed Pierre after their trip to McDonald's and took half of his fries!
by Russell Felder March 19, 2006
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a wealth redistribution that occurs when a friend with no money takes some of your fries after declining to purchase any food for himself.
I had to pay a fry tax to support my friend, who was too poor to buy any food.
by Richard M. July 08, 2006
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