that annoying bit of dust that no matter how hard you try, just won't be brushed into the dustpan
I tidied the house because my mother was coming to visit but the frust in the hall drove me crazy.
by Jack Splatt September 5, 2007
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I'm totally frust! That bastard was all up in my hood!!!
by purplepixie April 4, 2006
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To be frustrated whilst being adorable. When someone/something is too cute to appear genuinely angry.
"Aw, Jen can't reach the cereal"
"Should we go help her?"
"Nah, she's adorable when she gets all frusted."
by fourkyx August 24, 2017
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Frusting is the act of saving frust(dead skin foot particles)and storing them in a contatiner. Frusting happens when a male and female are having sex. As the male is going at it he secretly grabs a hand full of frust. At the moment of male climax he pulls out and busts a load on the females face and at the same time he whips the hand full of frust upon her gooey face. (Can also be used as frusted)

Shelp planned on Frusting that hoe but wasn't in on it by himself. As he busted on her face Shelp's buddy ran in the room and tossed frust in her face as he yelled "Frusty" and then ran out of the room.
by Mikey West May 31, 2008
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it can mean frustrating, minus the rat.
or it can mean pre-cum. Depending on how you use it.

by AmJam June 11, 2003
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little pieces of trash that get on your nerves; crumbs
Man, go sweep that frust up of the floor.
by Strongbad April 3, 2003
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The feeling you get when there's a physical attraction between you and a close mate (a blending of lust and friendship)
I'm totally frusting after Gemma. I wanna bang her but then I also wanna beat her at mario kart
by Klutzygem February 26, 2016
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