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An utterance made by an extremely pompous, respectable, and well bred individual. Often while puffing on a pipe and holding up one finger.

NB- The word itself has a very specific pronounciation, that can only be described as how Sean Connery would sound if he spoke like the Queen of England.
Oh I say. How very Frush!
Wipe your brow with a jockstrap! -frush-
by Mildred and Ethel March 18, 2010
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An unusually strong desire to become friends with someone, associated with particularly strong feelings of admiration towards that person. Usually pertaining to a member of the same gender. The term is identical to a "crush", but without absolutely no sexual attraction. Similar to a man-crush, but without ANY homosexual implication.
"Look at the way chicks hang all over Kevin. I need to be friends with him because he's so awesome. I think I have a frush on him.
by TresStud October 04, 2007
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Lineage: Revenge of the Nerds, spoken by the token 80s Asian character while playing poker with Booger.

Usage: Most commonly heard at a Hold'em poker game, it is a sly insult uttered by a player not involved in the hand and is directed at the losing player, who most often called a large bet thinking his hand was best. The phrase is always packaged in this manner "What the fuck's a FRUSH?" It is to say that the losing player is as dumb as an Asian who doesn't know how to play the game or pronounce the word correctly.
When the fifth heart hit the river, John pushed all his chips in the middle. "I call! I have two pair!" Aaron exclaimed. "Well I have the nut flush," John said. <Aaron looks deflated and bewildered> "What the fuck's a frush?" Jimmy says, and the table points and laughs at Aaron as he begins to cry, too broke to continue playing tonight or pay rent tomorrow.
by Poker Pro Q April 01, 2007
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noun - (friend-crush) a crush held on someone whom you consider "just a friend". Often characterized by deep romantic feelings towards the person, admiring their character or looks, but no desire for sexual relations with them. Strange phenomenon.
ie: "Man, I love our new teacher!"
"Sounds like you have a crush on him!"
"Naw, man, I don't want to kiss him or anything. Its more like a 'frush'."
by DelorienAz July 24, 2008
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crush + frosh (freshman) = frush

A term used by, or to describe, a sophomore, junior, or senior who has a crush on a freshman.
1. "Have you seen my frush, Joey, around the halls?"
2. She's been flirting with her frush all day.
by A highschooler May 03, 2007
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Meaning "Fake-Crush"

1. Someone that you say that you like, but everyone else likes so no one cares that you like him/her.

2. Someone that everyone likes, so you say that you like them just to fit in.
"So, who do you like?"
"Sure. You and every other guy in the grade. Shes just your
by FitzyBaby March 12, 2008
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a fake crush; liking someone for the sake of liking them or because all of one's friends have a crush and one wants one also; can lead to short, unfulfilling relationships and awkward post-breakup behavior exhibited by all parties involved
"I think I have a frush on that guy/girl over there."
by Libbby January 30, 2007
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