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Located in Bakersfield CA, in the Rosedale area. School is fairly brand new and known for there sports. The football team is beast. Most teachers there are clueless and could care less if the students do good. Most of the girls there are whores and mostly all boys there are dicks. If you want a boyfriend go transfer to Centennial. And if your looking for a girlfriend your in luck because most of the girls are easy. All the kids the kids there party and theres nothing to do unless you have a car.
Boy: Hey you go to Frontier High School!?

Boy2: Yeah why?

Boy: Know any whores?
by Coooolkid29 January 14, 2011
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25 fights a year. If youโ€™re not a senior, youโ€™re a freshman. Parties only take in the woods bc people are pussies and house parties are too classy for Hamburg.
Dude you go to Frontier High School? So youโ€™re like poor?
by Sugarfalcon August 13, 2018
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