When you've lost a loved one & find a penny, it's a Sign from them that they Love you & that everything's OK with them.
Since I lost my Mom, I've been finding Lots of pennies from Heaven & it's Very Comforting!
by Starchylde October 2, 2016
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A gift that is usually given unexpectedly to someone for free, that is a big deal to the person receiving. It's mostly used for the sake of food- when God provided food to the Israelites who were starving from there flight from Egypt.
Person One: "AW Person Two! Did you taste those strawberries!?"

Person Two: "No Person One, they any good?"

Person One: "There like manna from heaven!"
by mmilliee September 5, 2009
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A fantasy based total conversion written and designed by Kael & Co for that humongously addictive empire-building game, Civilization 4, itself (unsurprisingly) designed by the god of strategy games himself, Sid Meier.

It is the best add-on available currently to Civ4, it's depth is a bottomless abyss, it's replay value builds greatly upon Civ4's -which is already limitless-, and it turns an already addictive game into VIRTUAL HEROIN.

Imagine playing Dungeons and Dragons or Baldur's gate, except instead of rolling dice and playing with just a few characters, you are now managing an entire nation.

Developers can be found hanging out at civfanatics.com's forums, along with a swarm of fans.
Age of Empires 3? Fuck that shit, mang! I'm going to dive into Fall From Heaven for a while and conquer ever last tile on Erebus.
by iamjooish April 21, 2008
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Typically Saturday, but can be a Sunday, after a long, grueling week at work.
Bobby: Dude, I'm exhausted. What a week, thank god it's Friday.
Kevin: I know it, thank God tomorrow's Saturday.
Bobby: Yup! Mañana from Heaven.
Kevin: Huh? What's that?
Bobby: You're a moron.
by imdeadicated January 7, 2010
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Eyes so sexy they can’t look at anything else
Toni don’t listen to anything dan says cause she can’t stop looking in to his eyes from heaven
by Whitelines84 May 13, 2019
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when, as a result of skydiving, a woman gets splattered with jism from the sky. Otherwise known as white rain
That bitch came to my door with pennies from heaven on her face!
by RYAN AND CHUCK December 29, 2007
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