Phrase used to describe someone as corny. The reason the state Nebraska is used in this phrase is, because Nebraska is the highest producer of corn in the United States.
by hardNIPS January 18, 2011
Is Kamaru Usman's real name and birth place
Marty From Nebraska is a footstomping bitch
by CEO of EPO July 10, 2021
Two of the coolest mf’s you would ever meet. So hot they will rock your world in bed.
Goddamn have you seen Molly and Chloe from nebraska they have mad hoes
by hankjohnson13579 November 21, 2021
Most definitely has super sexy abs. He also gets mad hoes unlike Robbie Brennan
I wish I was as sexy as Martin Christopher Wichita from Nebraska
by Martin’s Discord Kitten November 18, 2021