Referring to the lights of the Porsche 911..
Quavo- "real mob ties, real frog eyes" - T Shirt Migos
by AyyyMark June 4, 2017
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When a mans pants are tight enough that a testicle can be seen on each side of the pant seam.

The male version of the camel toe.
He needs a pair of baggy jeans, I can see his frog eyes staring at me.
by ibs2pid December 6, 2009
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Male version of camel toe, when a man's shorts are so tight that his testicles bulge through, creating two side-by-side "eyes".
"That dude's frog eyes are starting to creep me out."
by Otis the Drunken Hobo September 2, 2004
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The male version of the camel toe, having pants so tight that one of your balls is showing.
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
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98-2004 Lexus GS

covers all models GS300, GS400, GS430

many rappers have called this lexus model

the "Frog eyes" lexus
Big Tymers lyric

"That Lexus - the new one - that come out in 2001 with the frog eyes
I got that bitch on dubs"
by aka paco August 30, 2009
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He's pants were to tight and he got frog eye
by dyl boss September 22, 2015
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