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background: invented in the 70's at uconn storrs campus by the legendary great puma. this social/drinking game has been carried on at the millstone beach parking lot and has appeared where ever disciples of the sport have traveled with a frisbee and budweiser cans. the game is played in a horseshoes type fashion except there are no points for close shots and less risk of injury.


1: 180 gram nova supersport disc

2: 2 12oz. budweiser cans

3. 50 ft of flat surface

4. spraypaint and/or spikes to mark out the can placement (50 feet apart)


1 on 1 or 2 on 2, if there are 3 total someone wait their turn and take winner.


1. winner/winning team throws first and shots are alternated from side to side.

2. must throw from behind the imaginary line which runs perpendicular to the placement of the cans or if the previous throw doesn't reach the opposing can, you may thow from that point or any point perpendicular to the frisbee's landing spot.

3. line violations may be called if the throwers foot crosses the legal plane (line violations result in loss of illegal throw) although it is legal to lean over the line as long as no part of the thrower touches the ground across the line.

4. 3 points are awarded if the frisbee directly knocks the can over after touching only the ground.

5. 5 points are awarded if the frisbee directly knocks the can over in midair.

6. 1 point is awarded if the frisbee knocks the can over after hitting a car tire, basketball hoop, an opposing player behind his/her can, or any other foreign surface.

7. 5 points are awarded for hitting an opposing player in front of his/her can.

8. 5 points are awarded for throwing the frisbee across the can placement marker if the can is not correctly placed in its location.

9. 1 point is awarded to the other team if a participent knocks his/her own can over at anypoint other than when the opposing team is throwing. if the can is knocked over during an incoming throw, the other team is awarded 5 points.

10. games are played to 21, with the winning team winning by atleast 2.

11. shutouts are called at 11.

12. if playing doubles and a partner is not able to throw or has left the game, the remaining player must throw with his opposite hand.

13. the frisbee does not need to stop to be lifted off the surface, it only has to cross the can or the perpendicular line along the can placement point.

14. any throw that bumps, hits, moves, or even knocks the can over and stands it back up in one motion are awarded 0 points. the can must fall for the shot to count.

15. 5 points are awarded for spilling an opponent's beverage with the frisbee.

16. there is no age limit or requirement for the game however if you are terrible, you probably wont be asked to be anyone's partner again.

17. taunting and stalling are tollerated to an extent, but if excessive douchebaggery occurs, expect to catch a frisbee in the teeth.


the frisbee may be thrown in any imaginable manner as long as the line is not violated. there are no points for style other than reputational capital and beach lore for the friscan session. typical shots that receive ooooos and ahhhhs are ones that hit the can at great speed, down the can from farther than average distances, float into the can as if in slow motion, take extreme trajectories into the can, or hitting an opponent infront of his/her can.

common throws:

oldskool/backhand: typical frisbee grip thrown across the body with the strongside facing the can.

forehand/wrist shot: alternative frisbee grip associated with ultimate frisbee where the frisbee is released sidearmed.

bowler: similar to the backhand however instead of throwing across the body with the throwing shoulder leading, the throw is executed facing the can head on and the frisbee starts underneath the thowing shoulder. shot typically approaches can from an off angle.

hammer: frisbee is thown overhand with the frisbee turning over in mid flight and approaching the can upside down.


fiver: shot scoring 5

sidewinder: shot scoring 3 that changes directions more than once along the ground.

meow: shot that doesnt reach or barely reaches the can. in reference to a pussy throw

mittens: (see meow)

niiiiiiiiiiiine!: screamed when team reaches 9 points

niner: (see niiiiiiiine!)
Let's play some Friz-can, got any cans?
by VTtoME March 15, 2009
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