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The unholy union of Frat Guy + Hipster. A meathead in a dork's clothing- a phenomenon that is unfortunately growing all the more common as "underground" fashions push their way to the surface and into the mainstream.
I laughed for days when I saw a fripster run a stoplight get hit by car while riding his new fixed gear. Maybe he'll put a brake on it when he gets out of the hospital.
by Bobby Salsa September 20, 2008
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An overpriveleged, conservative asshole whose early-twenties "rebellious stage" entails but is not limited to: hard drug experimentation, attempts to participate in the indie/electronic scene, and pretending to tolerate people of different ethnicities, views, and sexual orientations.
Was that Range Rover blasting an Arcade Fire song? Must be another fucking fripster.

I saw some kids in pink polos doing ecstacy at that show last night. Fripsters are ruining this town's music scene.
by blue eggs May 13, 2010
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A duchebag who cant decide if he is fratty or a hipster. Either dresses fratty and listens to indie music or is really a hipster, but thinks he is a "Fratstar"
That douche is a total fripster, he doesnt even know what he is.
by Jack theR ipper March 23, 2010
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To put it simply, freshman hipster. Fr-deriving from freshman and -ipster-deriving from hipster. Any ninth grade student who thinks it's uber-cool to listen to indie bands and reject mainstream culture. Often wears mismatched clothing, parades around displaying their 'uniqueness'. Actually pretty cool when you get to know them. I was one.
I listen to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs... I'm such a fripster, but I love it.
by franzxferdinandxfan November 30, 2010
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A Fratty-Hipster. Recent trend in liberal colleges of fraternities being composed of hipsters who use terms like brahh and play beer bong ironically thinking they're superior to other frats. Fucking fuck boys ain't shit.
by TrebekizFake June 05, 2016
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