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Junior the egomaniac because you don’t understand his motives. He’s misunderstood and he’s not evil he’s just built differently, he can’t ever be himself because that’s when they all run away

Have you ever been suffering that you felt you needed a distraction from everything in your life

People wanna hate you simply because you didn’t ask to be evil you merely break the laws because it’s in your nature

he’s got nothing to lose and must accomplish his goals even if it means killing along the way,

Junior grimes is the sympathetic anti villain who’s lost so much and his mental illness causes him to be outlawed from society which creates a dark vengeance within him which he hopes kills him so he may be freed

Someone who’s the hero of his own story yet seen as the antagonist when only thing he’s guilty of is being himself by nature he’s the villain

Misunderstood and misanthropic and for good reason; he sees the world for how awful it truly is. People say villains are just heroes that have been broken. junior grimes is the victim and as a result re-emerged as the villain who sees himself as dr doom or something

The kid who just doesn’t give a fuck about anything or anybody and will do anything to destroy his enemies but never those undeserving of his wrath

Not evil but neither good and best part is that he doesn’t pretend to be as saint he openly admits him being bad
Junior is the perfect example of an anti villain


Junior Grimes: I will crush all those beneath me and conquer all of existence so long as snout remains


Girl 1: junior is the worst villain ever

Guy 1: he’s nit a villain, he’s more of an anti hero

Guy 2: you’re both, grimes exhibits mostly anti villain behavior

Girl 1: either way, he’s hotter than hell

Guy 1: *facepalms*
by Reggie capers December 4, 2021
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the name given to junior grimes since he’s a dancer and ex male stripper. Magic J is his stripper name.

aka “Dirty Darnell” , junior grimes is known for being a male stripper as he became one to help him survive through college when he was broke and bored.

Magic J is the hottest piece of ass you’ll ever see, the way that white boi J moves is like that of a sex god, one must never underestimate the moves of junior grimes aka “Magic J”

Magic J is possibly a twist on the title “magic mike” but since this is J grimes we’re talking about then it’s appropriate to call him magic J

Magic J: *enters room*

Woman: wooo! Magic J! Take off your shirt let’s see dem abs! *drools*

Magic J: *takes off shirt and pants*

Girl 1: *wets panties*

Magic J: yea I got it locked down! Check this

*proceeds to bust a move*


Magic J is the stripper name for Junior grimes (junior the egomaniac)
by Reggie capers December 4, 2021
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Hot cartoon that junior wanked off to in his high school years even found a similar looking girl at the gyme a few years later.

Lola bunny (hot cartoon bunny) whom junior would love to devour her booty

Or Lola bunny the ALSO HOT girl from the gyme that junior let slip through his hands (accidentally)

Either way, Lola bunny is what gives junior the egomaniac a RAGING HARD ON, even juniors dad had it in for her, jeez

Junior grimes’ childhood crush is Lola bunny among MANY OTHER girls
Lola bunny is the hottest piece of ass I’ve ever seen” -junior, probably

“Dude, you need a girlfriend” -everyone to junior
by Reggie capers December 4, 2021
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An OG youtuber since the early days. Rumored to be nothing more than a house cat behind a keyboard. Cute albeit selfish and cruel even brutally honest towards the internet community but adorable nonetheless.

Alot of mystery behind this user but he’s strangely not judging from what he comments on YouTube videos and Reddit

Been here since ‘09 and has a temper, watch out or he’ll scratch the shit outta you!
Reddit: your banned, kitty

Friggyk: don’t get me upset, or thing will get very ugly!

Redditors; oof

Friggyk: >:)
by Reggie capers December 4, 2021
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