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An annoying person who classifies themselves as your "Friend" A Friendish is normally in the same school, work and other things you are forced to interact with randomers.
Friendish: Hey how are you? Want to play Chess or Knights and Dragons or any other exciting games?
Me: I can't I have to go to the shops.
Friendish: Really you just went to the shops.
Me: How do you know?
Friendish: I decided to moniter your shopping habits.

Me: OK Bye Stalker.

Real Friend: Who was that?
Me: My Friendish.

Real Friend: Stalking you again?
Me: Yes.
by That's not my Urban name June 03, 2009
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People you socialize with at work or in class, but otherwise never see.
Kathy:Are you going to the party tonight?

Tina: No. Sally didn't invite me; we're only friendishes.

I've made lots of friendishes in my classes this semester. Too bad I'll never see them again.
by Ciyu May 24, 2012
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An acquaintance who occupies that awkward interspace between friend and girlfriend/boyfriend. Although similar to the fuck buddy and the friend with benefits, the friendish fits neither of these categories exactly. The friendish was not your friend before entering into a friendish relationship with you. Also, the friendish will not become your boyfriend/girlfriend. Ever. You know this to be true, even if s/he does not.
I can't come to the party tonight, Cliff. I'm hanging out, ah, with my, er, friendish.
by Juan Lermanito November 17, 2007
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