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Noun. The meeting of two friends, usually female, in which they call one another's name at high frequency and charge towards one another, resulting in a crushing embrace. Friendgasms usually occur as a result of long distances and/or time spent apart. In these cases, the involved often finish their Friendgasm with an awkward and simultaneous "OMGHOWRU!?"
"I went deaf after the sorority girls a block away had their weekly Friendgasm before the party."

"Hannah broke my arm during a brutal Friendgasm at the airport today. I guess she really missed me."
by Lossiel October 28, 2011
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Metaphorically (possibly physically) climaxing due to high levels of friendship
"Juan: Drew, remember that day we went to outback steakhouse, played laser tag, and watched a whole season of Psych after having ordered in hot wings.

Drew: No...

Juan: Exactly...because that day is today

Drew: I just had a friendgasm"
by Pistol41 March 20, 2011
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When you realize you have such a strong friendship with somebody that you emmit I wierd noise similar to that of an orgasm
Oh my God Debbi I just friendgasmed with you!
by Kolton harris January 16, 2010
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