Times when your hanging out with a friend and you decide to do something gluttonous.
"Yeah Friender Bender.
You know our post ablum tradition of drinking around the world until we black out together." Metalocalypse
by pebot June 21, 2012
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Partaking in a gluttonous activity with a friend, e.g. a night of heavy drinking, a large meal, etc.
"Oh man, you missed out on our friender bender. Mike and I spent the whole day eating burritos and playing Super Smash Bros. It was AWESOME."

"Dude, you shoulda called me."
by Bizarro Bike June 21, 2012
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When you and a group of friends go out and get so inebriated that you make irresponsible decisions.
"I'm about to go out and get in a frienderbender."-Nilla Wafer
by elange January 20, 2017
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Accidentally having sex with or making out with a friend without intending to.
Yeah, that girl is pretty cool. We accidentally had a friender bender a few months back.
by Mad Hedon December 24, 2009
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