A competition, typically between girls, to see who has the sexiest male friend. They go in rounds of three to see who is more attractive. The winner gets bragging rights
"Girls, let's have a friend off! I'd love to win bragging rights."
by randomperson30 January 26, 2021
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When an acquaintance of yours starts to irritate you, particularly when they begin to act like your best friend as soon as you just met them. When you've had enough, you introduce them to another friend of yours who you think has a chance of getting along with them, in hopes that your friend will be more accepting of this person's annoying behaviours than you are. A friend-off is successful when your acquaintance quickly attaches themselves to your friend rather than you. Thus, you have passed off your "friend" to another friend.
Person 1: Is there anything I should be careful of if I decide to friend-off someone?

Person 2: Friend-offs can backfire if the friend you have passed your annoying acquaintance off to is a very close friend of yours and they genuinely get along and become good friends. Every time your inner circle of friends gets together, the person you have friend-offed will then start regularly attending those gatherings, and you will have to endure their presence anyway.
by SpencerMurrayStudios April 24, 2016
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Invented by a man named Nolan. If he doesnt like what your saying, BAM
friends off, you talk to him and he will re-introduce himself like you've never met.
Asian girl "Nolan, your a douche bag"
Nolan "Friends off"
Asian girl "haha, but seriously give me rice"
Nolan "Hi, Im Nolan"
by TaylorYork March 16, 2005
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When two combatants of of either gender challenge each other to a battle of who can name the most friends. In the case of a mutual friend, the opposing combatant may challenge the claimer, in which the friend in question must name who he/she is better friends with. In the case that the challenged person cannot be reached, the combatant who has known the challenged longer wins said friend. Should a "douchebag" be named as a friend, the combatant who claims such a person loses a number of friends proportional to the douchebaggery of the named on a 1-10 scale.

The winner of a friend-off is entitled and obligated to embarrass the loser and seize all friends named and unnamed in the contest. The loser of this contest must start over and make new friends.
Combatant 1: Friend-off. You won't do it, pussy.
Combatant 2: Frank!
Combatant 1: Fuck you, Frank hates you. I claim John.
Combatant 2: Challenge! John is my brother...
John: Only by blood, you're such a bitch.
Combatant 1: No one loves you. I clearly win.
by BlackF4ctor June 11, 2010
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To take a shit. There is no indication as to how severe of a shit but it is usually assumed to be a short one considering the context the phrase is used.
Dude, I'll be over in a bit. I just gotta drop some friends off at the pool first.
by IshotTheSheriffbutNotTheDeputy September 24, 2008
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(verb) The act of dropping pieces of crap out of your arse into a toilet or other body of water (i.e., the kitchen sink, someone's unattended beverage cup, a puddle on the road, a swimming pool, etc.)
I was just dropping some friends off at the pool, when all of a sudden i fell off my boss's desk, spilling the cup of coffee I was using!
by bloc jacques chaloc May 19, 2004
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