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When two combatants of of either gender challenge each other to a battle of who can name the most friends. In the case of a mutual friend, the opposing combatant may challenge the claimer, in which the friend in question must name who he/she is better friends with. In the case that the challenged person cannot be reached, the combatant who has known the challenged longer wins said friend. Should a "douchebag" be named as a friend, the combatant who claims such a person loses a number of friends proportional to the douchebaggery of the named on a 1-10 scale.

The winner of a friend-off is entitled and obligated to embarrass the loser and seize all friends named and unnamed in the contest. The loser of this contest must start over and make new friends.
Combatant 1: Friend-off. You won't do it, pussy.
Combatant 2: Frank!
Combatant 1: Fuck you, Frank hates you. I claim John.
Combatant 2: Challenge! John is my brother...
John: Only by blood, you're such a bitch.
Combatant 1: No one loves you. I clearly win.
by BlackF4ctor June 11, 2010

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