The bastardization of the perfectly functional word ‘Friday’.

A word that the mentally incompetent believe to be useful.
"T-G-I-FRIYAY, thanks to my work week being over I can go be an idiot everywhere else!
by Youredoingitwrong December 21, 2018
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A combination of Friday and YAY!, typically to indicate excitement about said Friday; a portmanteau of "Friday" and "Yay".
Can also be applied to other days of the week as such: SaturYAY, SunYAY, TuesYAY, WednesYAY, and ThursYAY. There is no MonYAY for obvious reasons.
Ann Marie - I've been waiting all week for this weekend. Happy FriYAY!

TJ - I've been waiting all week for FriYAY! I can't wait to see ya.
by AMarie0908 April 15, 2011
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Noun. A day of the week, a lesser known variation of the English 'Friday', in which the user is excited that it's the last day of the work week, and will do everything in their power to leave early in search of happy hour.
Thank god it's FriYAY, this week has been the worst, all I need in life is to be drunk by 3pm
by mtm5248 June 17, 2016
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A non cringe-worthy coupling of the words Friday and Yay, which is an alternative to saying Happy Friday!

Combining it with Happy at the start compounds the happy effect.
Happy FriYAY!
by definitelynotmark April 22, 2022
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The feeling you get when the working week is almost done.
It’s friyay! And I’m ready for a big night out.
by Scoop 2020 March 16, 2019
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The week is over and work is finished and its a Friday so you can celebrate and party
Lets go its Friyay time!!
by Emathew May 16, 2023
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