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*A tree like plant that grows in Fairfax California and parts of Tibet.

*A tree shrub like plant native to Tibet. Found growing wild near Nagqu

Has a very pungent oder, spicy and strong. Freydence is not a very well known species of plant life. It has strong medicinal properties. Freydence is mostly prepared as a special flower essence or homeopathic remedy. it is beneficial for woman who are trying to conceive, pregnant or have just had a child.

Freydence supports fertillity by supporting parents with the inner tools to connect with their un-born child. Freydence has profound benefits on infants who have experienced some trauma during birth or conception. For adults Freydence acts as a guide for each soul to journey into the deepest parts of their wounding and trauma to bring healing and transformation so that each soul can express their dynamic birth right. Freydence is profoundly amazing for people of all ages who have experienced a lot of trauma during birth and conception.

Unfortunately not many families and people know about Freydence. Probably because it needs to be harvested in a spontaneous manner. For some unkown reason if you try and harvest it on a regular basis, the freydence plant just dies or disappears. Freydence has a relaxing affect on the body and mind works great in conduction with Biodynamic Craniosacral. The plant is so powerful you only need a dose 2 times per month. About 1 small drop in water.
"In ancient Buddhist scriptures Freydence was mentioned for its powerful healing qualities. Freydence still remains much of mystery how it ended up in fairfax California and the only other location is Tibet. Some folklore states that one very evolved Tibeten Monk was reincarnated in fairfax California as Freydence. or this Monk is living in fairfax California in another incarnation. It is said that Freydence plant followed the monk across lifetimes perhaps. It is unknown though."

"I just had this amazing experience with this amazing plant called Freydence. My friend gave me a little dose at Good Earth. I would like to buy some but my friend say's its not there anymore and not harvestable."

"it is only available spontaneously."
by Ms. Earthwaternymphfairy November 10, 2012
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