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A school filled with pathetic kids where everyone does drugs and thinks there cool. The "popular kids" are emo and everyone thinks they're thugs. Everyone wants to commit suicide. At least one person kills themselves every year from going to this school. We only have fucking diet drinks in the cafeteria because of this fat fuck Michelle Obama. This school rose from hell. Nobody wants to go here. Nobody dates anyone there own age. The wifi sucks ass and they block every social media. Everyone has the wifi password though so suck it. Last but not least, this is the school where Klip Fresh was born.
Where are you going to school at?

Blue Springs freshman center.

Kill yourself.
by TittyJuiceSuckIt September 04, 2017
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This is the kinda place where the dead go to die. A plethora of the kids do whatever drugs and "vanilla but call it kinky" sex for no God damn reason. Everyone is trying to be each other till' you can't tell the white girls apart besides what overpriced brand they wear. Ngl this was the place that made me consider suicide and I see why now. Like why the fuck did we all drink stale ass Gatorade and stand around in the main hall, let us get to our damn classes. And the teachers watch you like a hawk, like God forbid I have a depressive day that y'all caused in the first place. The lunch is mostly sugar and food coloring if you didn't spend half the time picking out what you ate. I also think the art teacher hated my guts too, mostly since I draw cartoons and not strictly portrait faces. At least my trans ass got a hot boyfriend from that all, I'd rather rot than go back for another year.
"This place is dusty and shit and the kids won't stop screaming, what's this school again?"

"It's the Blue Springs Freshman Center"
"Well that explains it"
by InsertVulgarityHere October 04, 2017
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