To douse ones self with copious amounts of any God awful over-powering perfume or deodorant that burns the nostrils and olfactory senses of every person and animal within at least a mile radius to cover the fact that you are too damn lazy to actually shower. The end result being a day ruining reek (for those who actually shower with soap and water on a daily bases) that's smells like a rotten steaming blend of body odor, french cheese and perfume.

Ironically named for the French's well known and documented hatred of bathing and personal hygiene.

If your odor precedes you and stays long after you're gone, chances are you have taken a French Bath.
I know it's 90 degrees out and I haven't showered for a fort night, but I'll just take a French Bath and no one will be the wiser.
by UrbanJinx June 9, 2014
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The act of trying to cover body odor by soaking yourself with cheap cologne.
Man, my pits reek. Hey, pass me that can of Axe so I can give myself a French Bath.
by Indignation2 February 3, 2010
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Hair bleaching using bleach and developer mixed with shampoo.
How did you get blonde hair? I did a French bath at home.
by Spaceshipsandlaserbeams May 27, 2019
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Did you hear beau only takes French baths the dirty dog.
by dželat September 14, 2023
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