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When you dive into a gorgeous ass on a hot chick, you know the one that's like an onion and makes ya wanna cry, but you end up encountering a smelly, sweaty, mung bunghole and you have no choice but to retreat.
Joe picked up a hot chick at the bar and took her home for some hot drunken sex. He went down to eat da booty but encountered a French Onion and after gagging asked her to go shower first.
by A. M. Wood November 24, 2015
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basically a faggot who is french and proud of it

they usually have no personality and have no friends.
girl: So what are you?

guy: 100% know what that means...

girl: Ew a french onion? Shoulda known...Well bye.
by sjafhkjdfg April 28, 2011
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