To walk around with a lot of jewelry
I have a whole lotta chains on. I'm freezed up
by Lootdown January 16, 2022
Freeze Up means "to stop" or in other words "chill out"
Eze: a wass gud shawty
Patience:Freeze up talkin 2 me n***a
Eze:lol I'm Just playin...
by Tunde A.K.A. The Truth June 24, 2008
when you are called on in class to answer a question you dont know and freeze because you were slacking off or sleeping
dude: hey man what happened to you in class today when the teacher picked on you?

other dude: sorry i was taking my after lunch nap and had a freeze up
by fairytailmaster April 25, 2011
With its name derived from the Bruce Springsteen hit
"Tenth Avenue Freeze Out", a tenth avenue freeze up
is the inability to urinate in a public bathroom.
Better go to the bathroom before we leave for the
ball game--the bathrooms at the stadium will be
crowded and you might have a tenth avenue freeze up.
by goldandsilverowner June 12, 2010
When you freeze up in a defining moment and the effects are then traumatizing in the years to follow.
Dawg I was finally boutta clap and make her my wife but I got so nervous I froze, and when you’re a grower not a shower that shit is a traumatic freeze up
by The Hendonation July 6, 2020