Tenth Avenue is a niche sexual term in secret sex clubs used to describe the process of multiple penetration on one person by many other persons members in every available entry point to bring the recipient to a totally content state of satisfaction, fulfilment & a sense of reward.
'Get me to the Tenth Avenue' guys
by DairyQueen69 July 12, 2018
A Christian rock band which began in West Palm Beach, Florida and is signed to Reunion Records. Its members are Mike Donehey, Jeff Owen, Jason Jamison, Ruben Juarez III and Brendon Shirley. Their songs are incredibly inspiring and up-lifting.
"I'm feeling kind of down."
"Try some Tenth Avenue North!"
by justletmehaveaname December 30, 2013
With its name derived from the Bruce Springsteen hit
"Tenth Avenue Freeze Out", a tenth avenue freeze up
is the inability to urinate in a public bathroom.
Better go to the bathroom before we leave for the
ball game--the bathrooms at the stadium will be
crowded and you might have a tenth avenue freeze up.
by goldandsilverowner June 12, 2010