A written rap verse that was "free of style" according to Big Daddy Kane in the 80's. (search youtube for sited source)
It has evolved to mean an unrehearsed and impromptu rap.
Freestyle Rap: An unrehearsed and impromptu rap.
Sentence: Yo! Let me freestyle on this beat! Check it, uuh, uuh, Check it, turn my snare up, uh check it.
by Pacmizzle November 17, 2015
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To improvise rapping sentences without recycling the stuff that you've wrote on a piece of paper. Rap and Freestyle Rap are two different things.
Jin can Freestyle Rap pretty good, but Loaded Lux be writing his stuff.
by Jyuzayeguuwaah Summers June 11, 2009
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A Freestyle Rap can be made up of Lyrics that U wrote but yet, they are not to be fitted for any song you're doing. you jus have alot of hot Rhymes in there of sum shit u jus wanted to say and however U really wanted to say it..

and then u have Freestyle Rapping or just regular Freestyling where u jus go in an do this shit off the top of your head.
Common, KRS-ONE, Eyedea, Mos Def, MC Juice, Supernatural, and Sage Francis all Freestyle off the top of their heads..

While Murda Mook, T-Rex, Loaded Lux, Math Hoffa, Goodz, Arsenol, Reed Dollaz, and Cysserro, they all Write their shit down, but its not really fit for a song. they just random hot punchlines they can use in battles or whatever. so they good at making Freestyle Raps on sum random shit.
by smoker_Horny (no homo) November 30, 2009
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something that lil pump Can't do
guy1:hey did you hear that lil pump new xxL freestyle video guy2:ya my lil sister can freestyle rap better then him
by 2pac4life325 August 21, 2018
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The next new Reality Series for the fall lineup. Get this. We take ten white teenagers from Suburbian America, put them all in the same house to live in for six weeks, and every week eliminate one in a Rap Battle until only one is left, who'll win a recording contract on Shady Records. Guest judges will be Christina Aguilera, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, and Sarai. Coming this fall to a TV near you. Most likely will be aired on UPN.
White People, come for "WWe Smackdown!" Stay for Lame White People Who Can't Rap Freestyle Showdown.

Black People, come for "One-On-One", Stay for Lame White People Who Can't Rap Freestyle Showdown.
by G-Union June 23, 2004
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