A crackship between an animatronic from FNaF SL and a greek god. pay no mind to this, really-
Person: “Why the hell is there something called funtime freddy x osiris on my damn feed?”
by Erratvm April 15, 2022
Black Kid has the mf key ... is a great bf . He loves women , women love him in fact any women must be lucky enough to be with this guy because he is mf picky and uh loves cheesecake . Yea dat way!
Guy: Freddy P got the muhhfuckin key
Girl: Fredrick P is bae
by MacDaddyPimpin23 March 15, 2017
Freddy Cargo is a Tiktoker of age 2 of TikTok and has 5.5k followers and 22k likes at his height 5’7 future height 7’8
I love Freddy Cargo
by 69_420unkwonkuser April 20, 2022
They are big hard metal balls
Freddy’s nuts are big
by Mr..ice February 23, 2022
He is a sexy beast who has the biggest shlong imaginable, he is the kindest person you will ever know but he has an obsession with biscuits. On the other hand, he is a pussy and would run in a situation between fight or flight. He is a very kind hearted young man and should be treated with upmost respect at all times.
Have u seen the new Freddie robert brenchly in town
Yeah hes really fit
by Shskusnsksjhdnsiwhsislut November 27, 2021