A piece of shit broke ass who will treat you like crap but somehow still give off the impression he cares. Also has zero values and does not appreciate anything.
Person: You remember that asshole I used to date?

Person2: oh yeah, Fred?

Person: Yup.

Person2: Big miss-steak
by Great_fine_ok March 31, 2016
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Front to rear end device, left over from train yard slang, can also be used to describe any skanky hobag as a sexual device.
OMFG look at Marshia, she is such a F.R.E.D.!
by thehampster September 20, 2007
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characterized by a love for bluegrass, a talent in all instruments, a passion for Middle Eastern languages, and an addiction to pie that cannot be cured by the Atkin's Diet. Overall a very smart and funny person usually from Oklahoma.
by sarah_was_here March 21, 2007
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Tara: Man, Fred is in town again.

Jenna: Fred doesn't come to my town for another week.

Tara: I hate Fred.
by taraloves2poo October 20, 2009
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fake dreds
"Oh gurl i like ur freds!"
"Thanks my cousin did them."
by stjake January 17, 2009
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A kid that thought it would be funny to broadcast himself on YouTube because he hit the opposite of puberty. Now he somehow entertains people with his random, annoying stupidity.
*What is that awful noise?!?
*Oh, my sister is just watching Fred again.
by GorillaZ 807 May 30, 2012
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