A mini truck club started in 1995. Chapters are all over the U.S.A. and overseas also. Known for its mini trucks but also has cars and trucks. Almost if not all are on air bags,hydros are adjustable.
by droppedyota September 26, 2008
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a phrase used to describe someone in either a good or bad way. or just because it's funny.
shut up you freak of nature

come here and say hey, you freak of nature, you
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a freak of nature is when someone look so ugly, and or fat and disgusting, and smelly mix and match cant get no one to date them or have sex with them or kiss them, male or female will start having sex with wild animals, barn animals, like pigs, horses, even sucking horses huge dick and swallowing its cum, or get them to fuck them. dogs, cats, cows, goats, anything they can get their hands on. its so sick and nasty and the stench they get from having sex with wild animals...freaks of nature. this is how all sex disease starts, even having sex with monkies and gorilla or baboons for their colorful ass. like the worst HIV, AIDS , CORONA VIRUS, COVID-19 AND MANY MORE, HEPATITIS C AND OTHERS.
get that freak of nature away from me and out of my place of business.
by Megasus Thrist Jesus Christ April 23, 2022
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Any nasty skanky person, animal or thing.
He looks like he got his butt beat with an ugly stick; what a hideous freak of nature!
by t June 11, 2004
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Some of the people on this site who write crappy definitions for words.
die is a friendless freak of nature
by RatchetBoo June 3, 2003
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