A white af boy that wears polos and kaki shorts with sperrys

Thinks Saturday is for the boy and a big douche
Her: wanna go to the movies Saturday

Him:SORRY Saturday is for the boy
Her Bsf: he is definitely a frat boy
by Imabuffbaby October 30, 2019
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-a frat boy is a white boy in university that is in a fraternity

-usually they have a name like; chad, brad, joshua, dylan, nate or something of that nature. his dad pays his collage tuition and he is addicted to nic , they only wear vineyard vines cause they think it’s cool and always say full send
chad: hey brad i can’t wait to graduate highschool and be a frat boy

brad: fuck yeah we’re gonna get so many hoes
by currrie October 20, 2019
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Wears sorority Crush-event shirts or school polos, chubbies or lululemon athletica and drives around with other frat boys in the back of his truck. Drinks cheap beer and pretends not to know he’s a stereotype.
Chris Reflogal is such a BU frat boy.
by Bae watch September 29, 2019
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