The act of being creepy and inappropriate behaviour towards young children at playgrounds.
Look at that bloke Frasering over there by the swings.
by CreatorofFrasering April 19, 2021
He is the funniest lad in school but he can be a complete dickhead but people still like him:), he is good looking;) and gets what he wants, he is ritch:O, he likes to get drunk alot and act like a dick:L, he knows how to love a girl sometimes:L, he has good taste in music, he is a little bit gay with his bestmates, he doesnt like to stay in all day and night:l:))<3
People call him fay and the girl that loves him calls him frasel:) his real name is ronaldo:), but fraser it is:))
by pissingabout April 11, 2011

To do something in the best way possible
To complete an action in the best way possible
I scored a fraser of a goal!
I'm going to fraser that exam.
by lear jet November 8, 2013
When Kerry Fraser referees a NHL game,(mainly a toronto maple leafs game)and he is one sided like he always is, the side that he calls all the penalties against is frasered.
Man, the leafs totally get frasered last night, next game at the ACC, he is totally going to get beaten on by the fans.
by CML is awesome February 26, 2007
To be lethargic to the extreme, often to the point of being hardly able to breath. Can lead to random outbursts such as speaking in tongues and hate crimes.
Also associated with extreme high's and extreme low's.
Man that dude was totally fraserized, if he gets any more laid back he'll be vertical...
by Mr Turkeyballs February 5, 2008
A garden gnome

One that always walks with straightened legs and cannot laugh properly
Oh thats one weird lookin' fraser
by ANW_197 September 14, 2010
Fraser usually a male from Scotland of homosexual habits. Enjoys the company of older men and suffers the debilitating disease of Random Masturbation.
oh aye min i seen i right fraser at the harbour, what a fecking poof.

It was sick he just start frasering in the middle of the street. Not much to see thou.
by Fraser Bend August 30, 2006