World- Class show-off, and 70% of his attractiveness comes from his piano skills (according to 20th century ladies). He is known also to be the greatest piano virtuoso of all time, and this by copying Paganini (the virtuoso violinist). He was friends with many composers, including Frederic Chopin (who once called him a "zero"). His works are still appreciated to date and they are known for causing many complaints from modern pianists (mostly found on YouTube comment sections).
Franz Liszt stole my girlfriend at his recital.
I've had enough of Franz Liszt's terribly difficult pieces for the piano.
I hate it when Franz Liszt composes.
by Randomcomposer November 2, 2020
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Franz Liszt (or Liszt Ferenc) was a hungarian composer and could very well be called one of the greatest to ever lived. He was a virtuoso and is known to be one of the most skilled with a lot of pieces (many taken from other composers just improved, even admitted by the original once). His own pieces are great as well. Opinion based but he had almost every style from romance.
A: "I want to play this piece from him"

B: "well... Rondo Fantastique 'El Contrabandista' is too hard... actually don't play any pieces from Franz Liszt, you will fail and regret!"

A: "As if"
-All fingers broken and brought to a hospital-

A: "Give me 'Für Elise'."
by Weil_Baum May 5, 2017
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The greatest piano virtuoso of all time, as considered by many. He revolutionized the way piano concerts are held and is well known for his Grande Etude de Paganini No.3 (La Campanella) as it is considered one of the most difficult solo piano pieces
"Dude have you heard Franz Liszt's compositions?"
"Yeah man they are so good!"
by AZZYTASTER November 5, 2023
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Liszt is some dude that played the piano, yeah, and he like, sent all pianists in the hospital for broken fingers, his music sounds really good, its just that.. almost no one can play like he wrote them as, my favorite lizst piece is Mazeppa S.137 and im trying to learn it, TRYING. yeah, i think i need to wait for my 6th finger to arrive before i can play him, also he was hungry or something like that, greatist virtuoso pianist that ever lived (next to rachmaninoff)
Pianist1: Hey dude that performance of Trans Etude N.4 was great! it sounded like liszt was playing!
Franz Liszt: I am Liszt.
Pianist1: can i marry you
by SeiyaIdk August 25, 2023
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