The Ultimate Best Ever; the French spelling of fantastic, Ultra~Wonderful
My life has been So Fantastique so far; I wonder what the Future holds!!
by Starchylde June 03, 2015
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Photographer who helped start the trend of shooting "Alt" models (generally models with hair colors that cannot be found in nature or the heavily body modified sort).
"Damn, these newbs all know SG, but they don't know Fotographia Fantastique, even though he was shooting that stuff back in the day!"
by rawkinit November 16, 2008
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"I wrote a new song"
*Plays on guitar and sings "Ich Heiße Super-Fantastisch"*
"LOLWUT, you can't do that - that's a Franz Ferdinand song"
"But the chords are completely different and it sounds cool"
"Well you just can't do it"
"How about... Je M'appelle Super-Fantastique?!"
by nathanjhunt August 30, 2011
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