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"Weil Baum" (English: Because/cause tree) is a way to answer sarcasticly to pretty much any question, comes from the german language. It can be used for question that are stupid/dumb, no one cars about, too obviouse, questions don't know the answer but you should or just to annoy you. "Weil Baum" means something like "I don't know" or "Because this is so/Because this is it" and should not translated word by word since it just brings up confusion. It is a good way to answer sarcasticly and not getting in too much trouble. It is also good to end pointless questions immediately!

A: "Hey, Du hast gesagt, dass die Erde rund sei... Wieso ist die Erde rund und nicht Flach???" ---> <Hey, you said that the earth is round... Why is the earth round and not flat???>

B: "Weil Baum"

A: "..."


A: "Ich hasse dich!" ---> <I hate you!>

B: "Wieso? :(" ---> <Why? :(>

A: "Weil Baum"

B: "Danke. . . -_-" ---> <Thanks. . . -_->
by Weil_Baum May 4, 2017
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Franz Liszt (or Liszt Ferenc) was a hungarian composer and could very well be called one of the greatest to ever lived. He was a virtuoso and is known to be one of the most skilled with a lot of pieces (many taken from other composers just improved, even admitted by the original once). His own pieces are great as well. Opinion based but he had almost every style from romance.
A: "I want to play this piece from him"

B: "well... Rondo Fantastique 'El Contrabandista' is too hard... actually don't play any pieces from Franz Liszt, you will fail and regret!"

A: "As if"
-All fingers broken and brought to a hospital-

A: "Give me 'Für Elise'."
by Weil_Baum May 5, 2017
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