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A small town in Northeastern Illinois. Commonly referred to as "Skankfort". Most of the kids there are sluts and whores ;)
Man did you see that girl's cleavage?
Yeah, she's from Skankfort.
That Frankfort guy is a total douchebag.
by youknowwho1112 January 05, 2011
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1. The beautiful capital of Kentucky.

2. A medium sized town located in central Kentucky that has a bowling alley, one movie theater, and a bunch of historical shit that few people really care about.

3. The black hole of Kentucky- a place where dreams come to die.
1. "I'm going to go to Frankfort and look at all the old historical buildings and pretty scenery!"

John: Dude, I'm bored.
Jack: Duh, It's Frankfort.
John: Okay, Lets go to Lexington.

3. "I wanted to go to college but I passed Frankfort, got sucked into the vortex, and am now a state worker."
by murraygirl12 March 11, 2009
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A small town (technically a village) in Ross County, Ohio with a population of about 1,000. It has no stop lights, only one school for all of Frankfort and like two neighboring towns, two gas stations, and three pizza places (that are all on the same street.)
Dude, do u want to get pizza at the Short Stop, Star's Pizza, or Frankfort Pizza?

Wow! Both the IGA and Valero are rip-offs for groceries and gas.
by Frankenferter January 18, 2009
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The capital of Kentucky, in Franklin County. A small city, it has a bit of everything from rural to urban. Also said to be one of the most beautiful state capitals in the United States.
The office of the governor of Kentucky is located at the Capitol Building in Frankfort.
by PloCoon June 12, 2008
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A small-ish town in central Indiana. Sometimes called Skankfort or Franktucky, we have lots of hicks and sluts. We have a restaurant called Hillbilly BBQ--I hear it's actually pretty good. Welcome to Frankfort!
Hey, do you think that girl's from Frankfort? She looks like quite the slut.

Person 1 (not from frankfort): do you see that guy over there on that tractor in the 4-way intersection?
Person 2: Yeah, what about him?
Person 1: Well, isn't that a little weird?
Person 2: *laughing* Welcome to Franktucky!
by Lana Concklin August 16, 2011
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A small town, in Ross county, Ohio, south of Columbus, that doesn't even have a traffic signal. So therefore don't blink, you'll miss it! Known for farming, driving tractors to prom, and getting drunk on back roads! Everyone knows your business if you live in the surrounding area! But a good place to live if you like to be bored.
Where the hell is Frankfort?

I used to live in Franfort, but I move to Chillicothe because I got bored!
by nursemart April 30, 2008
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podunk and nowhere, south of Columbus, OH, north of Chillicothe, OH. No stop light, a couple of stop signs. nothing to do ever, So we get shit faced everyday and we have no bar. Grown homemade tomatoes, sweet red wine, and some of the best bud ever.
I live in Frankfort, OH
by Rachel Jones April 30, 2008
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