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The ultimate gentleman spy. Agent 007. The "00" indicates that he has a license to kill (therefore, there are another 8 dudes that can do that). Women want him and men want to be him. Signature drink: Vodka martini, (shaken, not stirred.)
Signature gun: of course, a Walter PPK.
As long as the queen of England rule the empire, he will be at her secret service.
In lingo terms: A bad-white-ass-mofo.
It is known that Sean Connery is the best Bond ever.
Who will save the Buckingham Palace, the jewels of the crown, the Big Ben and the whole world from a evil megalomaniac villain, while he has some unfinished bussiness to attend with some gorgeus women?
Bond... James Bond
by leinergroove January 09, 2004

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Frank Sinatra (born 1915, died 1998) Known as "The Voice" or "Chairman of the board" was the coolest interpreter of swing music during his almost 60 years in showbusiness. Winner of an oscar in the early fiftees. Related with politics, showmen, mobsters and beautiful copacabana showgirls, defined the meaning of "coolness" in the early sixtees with his friends, also known as The Ratpack. His songbook includes such clasics as: "Fly me to the moon" "I've got you under my skin" and "New York, New York".
All this cats have much to learn from Frank Sinatra
by leinergroove October 06, 2004

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Rock and roll is the simple name given to the musical/cultural/attitude movement that shaked the minds and the pants of thousand of youngsters all around the world. It all started during the early 50's and it all began with the influence of blues, country and r'n'b music. You can say that Chuck Berry invented it, but it is known that Elvis personified like no one else.
Let's rock and roll baby!!
by leinergroove December 07, 2004

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The year after 2003, but right before 2005. For this reason it is known as the "sandwich year". It is also known for its high level of probability.
Probably this year will be a good year.
Probably, this year will suck.
Probably this year will suck even more if you are still around here!
by leinergroove January 08, 2004

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The categorization of the level of appeal that a person can have. It can be divided in 5 levels:
- Level 1: poor hotness
- Level 2: regular hotness
- Level 3: medium-high hotness
- Level 5: Major concentration of hotness
- Level 6: Hot-as-hell-fire hotness

The subjects in level 6 are the definitive proof that the rest of us are poorly made by our mothers (or God in another case scenario).
Giselle Bundchen has a level-6-hot-as-hell-fire-with-thunders-and-earthquakes-hotness!!!
by LEINERGROOVE September 30, 2004

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