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1. (adjective) decsribing a mediocre performance which, failing to meet set expectations, often leads to public admonishment

2. (adjective) On rare occasions of of a job well done, may be used as a compliment rather than admonishment.
1. The play calling in last week's loss was francrapulent.

2. "Did you see that last touchdown?? It was francrapulent!!!"

3. Tonight's game was francrapulent bullcrap!
by Coach Fran's U-Haul October 11, 2007
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describes the performance quality of anything Coach Dennis Franchione (Texas A&M - Football) does. Can be used to describe, defeat, devastation, mediocrity, failed expectations, unfulfilled promises, and on very rare occasions, elatement.
The playcalling in today's game was francrapulent.
Another francrapulent loss for our team.
The francrapulence of that game was unspeakable.

(and on very rare occasions)

Did you see that touchdown pass???? It was francrapulent!!@!!!one111!!!!!!!uno
by Coach Fran's U-Haul October 15, 2007
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