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Fozz is the embodiment of rock. Fozz is the uncompromising source of all that rocks in the universe. Fozz does not know what the fuck Indie Rock means. All these apply to the one and only Fozz, who is unable to stop rocking for his entire life span
Fozz is here to rock!
Fozz-pad, Baby, Yeah!
It's power-nap time!
by allseeingwonder December 17, 2003
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The most beautiful thing you ever saw. Spontanious, fun and perfect in every way I'll love him forever.
Fozz is here :-D
How ace is Fozz?
by Kayt April 28, 2005
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n.; the sound made by an abrupt combination of flatus and diarrhea.

A mild onamatopoiea (word which sounds like what it signifies.)
Groaning in distress, the wretched man emptied his bowels with a watery fozz. 'I'll never,' he moaned, 'eat that bean dip again.'
by Speckled Hand (Goodman Jones) September 01, 2004
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