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A Foxist is a person who supports and promotes Foxism, a movement dedicated to making the world a better place for foxes.

A radical Foxist is happy to see entire neighbourhoods demolished to create a environment more suitable for foxes, and stands against the use of wheelie bins as these iniquitous devices are the prime reason that urban foxes starve. How can it be that so much food is thrown away every day yet urban foxes are so emaciated? Foxists also resist attempts to get the UK's Hunting Ban repealed.

A Foxist will usually be a member of a local organisation like the London-based "Make Hoxton Foxton" Campaign or Liverpool's "Make Toxteth Foxteth".
Blowing up the East End - how Foxist is that?

Media organisations like the BBC employ verminators to keep Foxists off their messageboards.
by Vince the Fox December 12, 2010
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When the rest of the world disappoints you because you've been staring at pictures of Megan Fox too long. Therefore everyone else pales in comparison to her beauty.
Jon: I'm sorry baby, but you're just not hot enough for me.

Kate: You foxist! No one can live up to your expectations!

Jon: Megan Fox can.
by Charzasaurusrex October 05, 2010
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