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The singular form of Foxbaggers

See: Foxbaggers
As a loyal Fox viewer and Teaparty member (a.k.a. "Teabagger"), he proudly votes against his own self interest. He's a Foxbagger.
by shoqvalue February 02, 2010
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Fox News + Teabaggers

People who subscribe to the tenets, postures and propaganda of the Republican Party, or its far-right populist Teabagger wing, which have both become malleable tools of the Fox News Channel and the many concorporative interests it often speaks or acts on behalf of.
Created in 2010 by @Shoq as a twitter #hastag, "Foxbaggers" merged many competing terms, all referring to the same far right-wing constituencies. Rather than call them Wingnuts, Hatriots, Populists, Foxbots, Fauxbots, Fox viewers, etc., it was far more efficient to use one simple label and tag, which could be used like this:

"James O'keefe" is just a Foxbagger pretending to be an investigative journalist so he can impress all the other Foxbaggers."
by shoqvalue January 31, 2010
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