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When two people are engaging in sexual activities prior to sexual intercourse
"Molly and Ted engaged in fourplay , Molly proceeding to give Ted a hand-job then a BJ"
by IFGODWASONEOFUS January 27, 2015
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Four people fucking one another.
A: Yo let's me, you and the two bitches fuck.

B: Fuck yea bro, I love fourplay.
by 14incher March 06, 2011
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A game you play with people when you are driving. As soon as a person see's a car with four headlights, the person yells four play, and hits the roof with his hand. The last person who hits the roof is a mcfaggelwaggel, and has to take off one article of clothing.
Gabe:*hits roof* Four Play!
Riley:*hits roof* Four Play!
Zach:*hits roof* Four Play!
Nathan: *cries and takes off one article of clothing/accessory*
by lovesboysalot July 01, 2009
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